The History of Lincoln Crawford


• John Crawford, a civil war veteran aided by slaves in his escape from a Confederate prison set aside in his will his North College Hill farm as a Home for Elderly Black Men.


• The Cincinnati Literary Society opens the Lincoln A venue Home for Aged women on Lincoln Avenue.


• The two facilities merge as Lincoln Avenue and Crawford's Home for the Aged.


• Low nursing home occupancy and quality of care problems forced the organization to enter federal bankruptcy proceedings.


• The leadership of Cincinnati's not-for-profit long term care community met to avoid closure of the Lincoln Avenue and Crawford's Home for the Aged.

• These not-for-profit organizations agreed to support Wesley Services Organization's effort to purchase Lincoln Avenue and Crawford's Home out of bankruptcy.


• Following two and half years in the courts, Wesley Services Organization purchased the assets . for $1,750,000 setting up the new 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit corporation; Lincoln Crawford, thus continuing service to the African-American Community with operation of the nursing home under Wesley Services Organization Management.

• A Board of Trustees reflecting the interests and concerns of the AfricanAmerican community were established.

• Area long term care organizations volunteered professional staff to address 120 report addressing deficiencies as cited by the Ohio Department of Health, including four life threatening incidents. Any of one of these normally would result in immediate closure.

• After five weeks of intensive round-the clock efforts, a follow-up state survey resulted in a deficiency-free report.

• Increased staffing levels, staffing by qualified personnel, and the performance of capital repairs were initiated,

• More than 300 representatives of federal, state and local organizations participated in turning around the facility so it could continue its century old historical mission of service to the frail elderly.


• Lincoln Crawford Community Board was developed.


• Lincoln Crawford receives approval to be a Medicare provider allowed to do skilled nursing.


• Capital improvements totaling $1.6 million have been made by Wesley Services Organization to rebuild the parking lot and install additional bathrooms. Total renovations include renovated bath, shower, kitchen, and nursing areas as well.

• Today, Lincoln Crawford operates frequently at full (100-bed) capacity, defying the statewide average nursing home occupancy statistics of 84%.

• It is the only not-for-profit African American nursing home in Southwest Ohio; one of only four in Ohio.

• Lincoln Crawford erriploys over 130 health care workers from the community representing $3,500,000 wages and labor annually.

• Lincoln Crawford is now a facility expending $5,000,000 annually in the community.